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Customer's Recipes using Olive Tapenade

I visited our Olive Affairs friends in Booth 23 a couple of weeks ago and purchased two jars of olive tapenade. If you haven’t tried it, you are missing out. If you aren’t familiar with it, here are ten suggestions for ways to use it other than just on baguette:

1. Toss tapenade with boiled new potatoes, blanched green beans, and shallots. Chill. Add a few tomato slices, hard-boiled egg, and tuna for a Niçoise-esque potato salad.
2. Add a dollop to your morning avocado toast. Sprinkle with red pepper flakes. Fried egg highly encouraged.
3. Thin the tapenade out with more olive oil and add a touch more lemon juice. Bam!–Olive Vinaigrette! 
4. Mix it with mayonnaise and you’ve got an amazing spread. Make a killer turkey sandwich or go all out and have it with lamb burgers.
5. Swirl it into a simple soup.
6. Dress a bowl of spaghetti. Use a little pasta water to loosen it up. Shower with parmesan and fresh mint and/or parsley. Yum.
7. Rub it under the skin of roast chicken. Roast some potatoes in the same pan to catch the olive-y drippings.
8. Mix the tapenade into softened butter and spread on grilled sweet corn. Sprinkle with chives. This move will change your life.
9. Stir it into hummus, make a cucumber salad, and grab a bag of pita chips on your way to the park. Picnic! Don’t forget a bottle of wine.
10. Grill steaks or fish and smear a spoonful over the top

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